Data Protection

The Swedish Heart and Lung Foundation’s policy concerning data protection

Who is collecting and processing your digital information?

Responsible for collecting and processing the information about you is the Swedish Heart and Lung Foundation, registration number 802 006-0763. Concerning questions about the data processing of your information you are welcome to contact the Swedish Heart and Lung Foundation’s Data Protection Group by email:

To see the information about you

Log in to My Pages (Mina Sidor) to view the information we have connected to you. This is also where you can edit any incorrect information.

Logga in på Mina Sidor

Your right to say no to marketing and personal adaptation

You have the right to decline all direct marketing and automatic personal adaptation. Contact us and we will help you. You can also choose to turn off some or all cookies when you are visiting our home page.

What type of information do we collect?

  • We collect information that you provide us with when you:

  • Give a donation

  • Order items of information

  • Start a digital fund racing on our home page

  • Register for a seminar

  • Contact us in any way

  • Provide personal and contact information, such as name, personal number, address, e-mail address and phone number

  • Donate and place orders

  • Provide account number för monthly automatic donations

  • Provide payment information when paying with card

  • Provide information concerning a company, if any, that you have let us know that you represent

  • Provide other types of information

Information that you provide to us when you want to include us in your will

  • Personal and contact information, such as name, personal number, address, e-mail address and phone number

  • If you send us your will for safe keeping or a copy for our information and other kind of information connected to your will

If you have informed us that you will include the Swedish Heart and Lung Foundation in your will, we will not remove your information automatically.

Information that you provide us with when you respond to our surveys

  • The information you provide

  • The time and date for when we receive/register your response

Information that you provide us with when you signed up for the purpose of being contacted for a request of participation in our contexts (e.g., participation in newspaper articles)

  • Personal and contact information, such as name, personal number, address, e-mail address, phone number

  • The information and the case story you have provided, which can contain health-related information.

We delete information for this purpose after 5 years from the last date we have been in contact with you. This information is not transferred to any third party without your consent. Information gathered for this purpose will not be used for any other purpose. The processing of this information is based on your explicit consent or on the legal basis of our legitimate interest to perform effective opinion formation regarding our purpose to make visible the issues and activities of our operations.

Information given to us by another person suggesting you might be interested in being contacted by us

  • Personal data and contact information, such as name, addess, e-mail address and phone number

  • Who suggested we contact you

We use this data to contact you. This data is erased within 6 months if we can’t get in touch with you.

Information collected from web site visits

  • How you came accross our web site and how you use it

  • Your clicks, mouse movements and how you scroll on the web site. Hotjar also collects information from site visits, your location, what unit, operating system and browser you use.

Information collected from digital newsletters

  • Whether you opened the newsletter

  • What links in the newsletter you clicked on

Information from addresses purchased in recruitment campaigns

  • Personal data and contact information

  • Address source

Information from third party

  • Statistic demographic information from data supplier regarding your residential area (source:

  • Updated personal and contact information from the population register and phone numbers from data supplier

  • Information wether payments have come through (for example debit card payments) from payment provider

Information we create ourselves

  • Dividing our database into types, segments and groups

  • Probability calculation of different groups, for example the probability that you might be interested in receiving appeal letters from us

  • Memorandums from our contacts with you

What do we do with your information?

We process your data for the following purposes:

1)      Process your donation or order. For example, we send invoices and print in memoriam cards, register direct debit consent at Bankgirocentralen (a national system that processes payment transactions) and one of our payment providers processes card payments. Our Donor service provide assistance by e-mail, mail, phone and chat to register donations.

2)      Compile statistics. Your data is used by us to compile aggregated statistics and statistic models to improve our work. This applies to all types of data. Web site visits are analyzed in third party services. Sometimes we hire research companies to compile data for statistical purposes

3)      Contact you by phone. For example, thank you-calls, surveys, information and donation asks. For this purpose, we hire external service providers.

4)      Personalize future mailings and content. For this purpose we use statistical models based on your previous donations and orders, areas of research and interests you have supported in the past or that you have stated as your fields of interest, probability calculations and demographic information. These processes are partly automatic and automatic decision making is being used.

5)      Manage your intention to bequeath to us. If you wish to bequeath to us, we register information about this and can also store your will on your request.

6)      Postal mailings. For example appeal letters, thank you letters and surveys. External service providers are used for postal mailings.

7)      E-mail and text messages. For the purpose of sending for example, newsletters, thank you messages, information and surveys. Our legitimate interest for this purpose is to conduct efficient fundraising. In case you have subscribed specifically to our newsletter, the legitimate interest is consent. External service providers are used to send emails.

8)      Keep our records up to date and complete your personal and contact information. To ensure that we have your current and correct contact information, we update and complete our records using a data provider. Our legitimate interests for this purpose are to conduct efficient fundraising and to be able to correctly identify you in order to provide transparency and easy access to your information.

9)      To comply with applicable law. Information about orders is used as basis for accounting. This is a legal obligation for us.

10)  Give you access to your data.  Including requests of correction. To ensure safe identification, BankID/Mobile BankID can be used. BankID is owned by the company Finansiell ID-Teknik BID AB. Your identification is tranferred through the BankID system. Our legitimate interest for this purpose is to provide you with safe transparency using secure and easy access to your data. We also have a legal obligation to grant you access to your information and facilitate any request of correction of your data.

Our legitimate interest for the purposes 1-7 above is to conduct efficient fundraising. For the operation and development of our IT-systems, the Heart Lung Foundation hires IT service providers.

When is your information erased?

If nothing else is stated under the head line “What type of information do we collect?” then we will remove your information in our business system after 4 years since the last contact we had with you or 4 years after your last donation or order. Your personal and contact information will be erased in the economy system after 7 years.

What rights do you have?

  • You have the right to have incorrect information about yourself corrected. To do so you can contact our Data Protection Group and we will do the correction.

  • You have the right to get access to your information. To get this, contact our Data Protection Group.

  • You have the right to request transfer of the information you have provided us to another organization. Contact us if you want assistance with that.

  • You have the right to object with the way we process your information. To do this, please contact our Data Protection Group. We will get back to you and inform you about what measures have been taken or ask you for more information.

  • If you have consented to the processing of data, you can at any time rescind that concession. Contact us for that.

  • You have the right to demand that your information is erased. To demand this, please contact our Data Protection Group.

  • You have the right to demand limitation of processing of your data. When demanding a correction our when doing a complaint, you can demand that your information temporary is limited. To make such a demand, please contact our Data Protection Group.

  • You have the right to approach a supervisory authority for data protection. Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection is a supervisory authority for data protection that you can contact for this purpose.

Transfer to third country

For parts of the processing of your information we use cloud services. This means that your information can be transferred to USA which is a so called third country. As a protective measure EU-Commissions Standard Contractual Clauses is applied.