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17 October 2024, 09:30-16:00, Citykonferensen, Malmskillnadsgatan 46 in Stockholm.

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The Swedish CArdioPulmonary bioImage Study – SCAPIS – is a nationwide, open-access, population-based cohort for the study of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The aim is to predict and prevent cardiovascular and pulmonary disease. A total of 30,154 men and women in Sweden, from 50 to 64 years old, have been recruited and investigated with detailed imaging and functional analyses of the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. The first public release of data was on March 17, 2021. All researchers based in Sweden, or international researchers in collaboration with an applicant based in Sweden, are welcome to apply for data.

SCAPIS 2 has started

SCAPIS 2, the reexamination of half of the cohort from SCAPIS 1, started in Gothenburg in January 2024 and has now successfully started at all sites. The same study protocol will be used as in the core study, SCAPIS 1. The planned end date of the study is in February 2026 and the ambition from the study is to start sharing data six months after that, i.e. in September 2026.

The exact number of included subjects in SCAPIS 1 and the planned numbers in SCAPIS 2 are as follows:
Gothenburg SCAPIS 1: 6265, SCAPIS 2: 3133, Linköping: 5057, 2529, Malmö: 6251, 3126, Stockholm: 5038, 2519, Umeå: 2507, 1254 and Uppsala: 5036, 2518.

SCAPIS News April 2024

Now possible to apply for image data from SCAPIS 1

SCAPIS Database is now open for applications regarding image data from SCAPIS 1. The data types available are CT images of heart with contrast, heart without contrast, lung and body (liver, abdomen and thigh). More specific terms and conditions can be found here: Access to SCAPIS image data

New variable open for application

The variable "Aorta ascendens (mm)" is now open for application. Please note that the method used varies between the sites.

SCAPIS News December 2023

Data on hard end-points available early in 2025

SCAPIS National Steering Committee anticipates that SCAPIS will be able to share data from the first hard end-point to be used in prospective studies during spring 2025. The exact release date is dependent on successful data withdrawals from the National board of health and welfare (Socialstyrelsen). The first end-point will most likely be fatal and non-fatal myocardial Infarction combined with cardiac interventions against ischemic heart disease. For other hard end-points (such as stroke) more end-points will have to accrue before meaningful studies can be performed.

The novelty and significant contribution of SCAPIS is that it combines size with extensive phenotyping. The aim of SCAPIS is to predict and prevent CVD and CPD. The goal is to further develop individualized treatment and improve health care by building this research resource.

SCAPIS is a unique study made possible through a collaborative effort between six Swedish universities (Uppsala University, Umeå University, Linköping University, Lund University, University of Gothenburg and Karolinska Institutet) and university hospitals (Uppsala University Hospital, University Hospital of Umeå, Linköping University Hospital, Skåne University Hospital, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Karolinska University Hospital).

The main funder of SCAPIS is the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation, with considerable support from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, Vinnova, The Swedish Research Council and the participating Universities and University Hospitals.

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