Cookie usage

To improve and simplify your visit on our website, we use cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your device when you visit a website. If you do not wish to use cookies, you can turn off this function completely in your browser settings, or you can set it to give you a warning every time the browser tries to place a cookie on your device.

There are two types of cookies

The first type places a cookie for a longer time period on your device. It’s used, for example, in functions that decide what’s new since you last visited the site in question. The second type is called a session cookie. It’s placed temporarily on your device’s memory during your visit on a website and keeps track of things like your language settings throughout the session. Session cookies are removed when closing your browser.

The following cookies are used on our website

ASP.NET SessionID is a session cookie required for fundamental functions on the website and is placed automatically by The Swedish Heart Lung Foundation. It creates an identity code that keeps track of the user so that your settings are consistent throughout the session. This cookie is automatically removed when closing your browser.

ExternalID and hlf_identity are cookies that are used to store information about you as a user in between visits. These cookies are saved until you clear your browser of cookies. hlf_session is a cookie used in combination with hlf_identity to separate different browser sessions. This cookie is automatically removed when closing your browser.

Web analytics services

The Swedish Heart Lung Foundation uses Google Analytics from Google to track and analyze our website. Google Analytics uses the following cookies in order to understand how users use the website:

_utmb determines the duration and number of page views on the website. The cookie is saved for 30 minutes from when it was saved or updated.

_utmz keeps track of how the user found the website and is saved for six months.

_utma identifies unique users and is saved for two years.

_utmc has previously been used in combination with _utmb to determine the duration of a website visit. In the latest version of Google Analytics it no longer serves a purpose.

The information generated by these cookies (including IP-adresses) will be forwarded to and stored by Google. This information is used to evaluate website statistics. Google may also transfer this information to a third party if there is a legal requirement to do so, or if the third party processes the information on behalf of Google. Google will not connect IP-addresses to other data in Google possession. Google Analytics anonymizes the information received.

The Swedish Heart Lung Foundation uses Hotjar as a web analytics service. This service can register your clicks, mouse movements and how you scroll on the website. Hotjar also logs information on websites you visited, your location as well as what device, operation system and browser you use.

Say no to web statistics?

If you do not wish your visits on to be visible in Google Analytics, you can install a plug in on your browser. The plug in is available for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera. You can download the plug in from Google 


There are videos from The Swedish Heart Lung Foundations’ YouTube channel on our website. The videos are displayed in YouTube’s video player and cookies from are used when the videos are being viewed. The cookie Visitor_INFO1_LIVE is stored for eight months, while use-hitbox and PREF are removed when closing your browser. For further information, please see Google’s privacy policy

Addthis – share and recommend to others

On many of our pages you can find Addthis, that allows you to share pages in social media and recommend others to read information on The feature, which is provided by a third party (, stores multiple cookies on your device. Privacy policy for AddThis

More information

You can find more information on cookies and digital communication from The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority here

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